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Gymnastics for Dressage

Diane Grant jumping Oisin - June 2001.

Diane Grant jumping Oisin – June 2001.

Oisin (Ush-een), aka K.E.C. Double Diamond, has been home for six weeks and is settling in well. His disposition is second to none. Although a young breeding stallion, he has learned early to respect people and is naturally gentle. In Ireland it was not an uncommon occurrence for him to be ridden out on the trails by youngsters between the ages of 12 and 16. Even though he has been breeding since his arrival, his disposition has not suffered. As he proceeds through his reeducation process – jumping to dressage, he is¬†encouraged to keep his jumping skills honed and will compete as a jumper in his own right.¬†“The dressage work will only improve his jumping”, said owner/trainer Jutta Heinsohn.

Oisin is ridden over fences for the first time since being in America by amateur rider, Diane Grant-Schott of Calabasas, California.

“This stallion is unbelievable,” said Grant. “I have bred for athleticism all my life and you can frequently sacrifice disposition for talent… Not so here,” Grant continued. “Oisin has all the attributes of a champion; conformation, athleticism, talent, and brains. I hadn’t ridden him before today, and yet I got such a fantastic feel — he is so under himself and light in front — I look forward to every opportunity I can get to work with him.”

International Grand Prix Rider, Edward Doyle, who rode Oisin through his Stallion Approval remembers him well.

“Ahh yes, the big chestnut stallion. Nice horse, that. Very good form…clean and careful jumper; very altheltic… He’ll go a long way!”

Clipped for Inspection.

Clipped for Inspection.

Edward holds that while most Irish Draughts are better known for passing their great traits on to outcross offspring, a few have the potential to be great competitors themselves and that K.E.C. Double Diamond (Oisin) has that potential.

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