The RID Breed & Jumping

//The RID Breed & Jumping

The RID Breed & Jumping

Historically the Registered Irish Draught is best known for its ability to produce an excellent cross for fox-hunting, jumping and eventing. We, personally, know the RID as a versatile horse used for all those aforementioned sports plus driving, pleasure and dressage.

KECDD in his paddock.  Photo by Paula Chmura.

KECDD in his paddock. Photo by Paula Chmura.

As much of Ireland moved forward into the $$$ marketplace, there has been a dramatic decline in the RID. The numbers of RID horses in the world today are as few as 2000 breeding stock. The chance of losing this proud, long-lived, versatile equine would strip the market of a horse with a terrific mind, a sound body and the athletisicm, versatility, and heart of a champion.

“These horses can be ridden by professional and amateur alike,” says Jutta Heinsohn. “I am a Bereiter, FN, classically trained in Germany and riding Dressage. I chose the RID as my personal horse and have not regretted a day.” Will Simpson has described KEC Double Diamond as having, “one of the best minds I have come across.”

Oisin is flexible, powerful, and fleet of foot regardless of his bulk. He is incredibly adjustable and light of the leg. Naturally uphill, he is built to perform, and his progeny are performing well too.

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