Sorrowful News

finn_hdIt is with our deepest heartfelt sorrow that Adsagsona and Celtic Manor Farms announce the tragic loss of Double Take (aka Finn) at 3:45 PM, March 19, 2014, due to colic complications.  Finn died too young and before his career fully unfolded.  He was due to be shipped to Jutta Heinsohn for continued training and to start his under saddle show career this weekend.

Finn shared the remarkable traits of his father – excellent pe
rformance genes, bone, and conformation; wonderful intelligence, beauty, sensitivity, and boldness; athleticism, character, strength, and regretfully, stoicism.  We have always thought of him as “Daddy in Black”.

Owned and loved by Gina Kirby, and adored by Jutta and Laurie, we miss you deeply, Finn, and keep you in our hearts and minds!

Double Take was sired by KEC Double Diamond, out of Penmerryl’s Vespa.  Bred by Kilkelly Farm.  Double Take is survived by two full brothers.  May they bring as much delight as their eldest and first!

Seeing Double???

Channel Art Oisin

I couldn’t resist putting this together for the home of KEC DOuble Diamond… Seen double lately??

Oisin (Ush-een) is my boy!

Oisin working on his groundwork with Jutta in the stallion paddock.

Oisin working on his groundwork with Jutta in the stallion paddock.

Oisin (Ush-een) remains the only RID stallion Jutta owns and she really adores him.

A jumping injury damaging his pastern joint may have him retired, but he still makes sure his presence is known! [Jutta]

Double Champion, KEC Double Diamond – Empire Desert Classic & Palm Classic

Jutta Heinsohn thanks Will Simpson and Carlos Massenzi for their stellar performances with KEC Double Diamond (RID), “Oisin” at both the Empire Desert Classic during the week of March 17 and the Palm Classic this week. Oisin jumped his way to Division Champion [Training II] at the Empire Desert Classic, and repeated the performance the following week [Modified 1] for the Palm Classic, regardless of a full coat and blistering heat for these March Shows!

“The temperatures reached the early hundreds nearly every day. The horses remained well-hydrated and all had fans, but regardless – for March that is excessive heat, and we all hoped for a cooler second week,” said Heinsohn. “El Campeon Farms have been generous to permit Will to work with our horse and we are honored that they are willing to share their barn with us.”

Photo courtesy Paula Chmura.

Carlos Massenzi riding K.E.C.Double Diamond

Empire Desert Classic: KEC Double Diamond earned 22 points to earn Division Champion, with El Campeon’s Maxine, placing Reserve with 14.5. The Training II Division is 3’9″ height with up to a 4’3″ spread. Will bumped Oisin up a division for “Palms” to Modified.

Palms Classic: KEC Double Diamond earned 12 points to earn Division Champion, tied with Sandstone Montecristo.  Modified 1 is 4′ height with up to 4’6″ spread.

Jutta decided at the end of last year that she would give Oisin a mini break from his dressage training to get out and have some fun in the jumping arena this year.

“Oisin will continue his dressage training between shows and when Will is away. I’ll continue his 4th level and PSG work through this year and hope to debut him in FEI in 2005 at Prix St. Georges. The two disciplines are reasonably complimentary to one another, but taking time out for jumping this year may set Oisin back a little in his upper-level work. However, I am confident that the mental break will more than make up for lost time overall,” said Heinsohn… “we all need a break now and then!”

Congratulations to Oisin and Adsagsona Farm for their success.

Oisin & Will Simpson Jumping Lesson Video

KEC Double Diamond enjoys Will Simpson

Photo by Laurie Monroe

Jump school with Will Simpson.

KEC Double Diamond (RID), Registered Irish Draught (performance tested and approved in Ireland), has been enjoying the privilege of lessons and being ridden by Will Simspon at El Campeon Farms before Will and El Campeon’s Ado Annie (I[D]SH), Irish [Draught] Sport Horse, leave for Spruce Meadows for 3 weeks. On their return from Canada, KEC Double Diamond will recommence his lessons.

Of K.E.C. Double Diamond, Will said,

“This horse has plenty of scope. He is so ‘adjustable’ in his stride, and has a great mind… He is the seeing-eye dog of jumpers, and I mean that as a big compliment.” [Will Simpson]

Of horse and rider combination he says, “This horse has the talent to do the big stuff and so does the rider – now it’s about the rider’s confidence.” Rider and owner of KEC Double Diamond, Jutta Heinsohn, (Dressage trainer and Bereiter, FN) looks forward to when Will returns.

“I have a lot of work to do, but I am encouraged by my horse and with the opportunity working with Will provides me. I am presented with challenges and push myself to new heights…, Will is a warm person, a terrific professional, and he understands the Irish Horse well! I wish him and Ado Annie the very best at Spruce Meadows!!” [Jutta Heinsohn]

Oisin and Jutta (May 2003)

Oisin and Jutta (May 2003)

It was great to learn that El Campeon’s Ado Annie goes back to the same great lines as KEC Double Diamond on her father’s side – King of Diamonds by way of Errigal Flight. The lineage says it all.

Oisin and Jutta Jumping a Grid Video

The RID Breed & Jumping

Historically the Registered Irish Draught is best known for its ability to produce an excellent cross for fox-hunting, jumping and eventing. We, personally, know the RID as a versatile horse used for all those aforementioned sports plus driving, pleasure and dressage.

KECDD in his paddock.  Photo by Paula Chmura.

KECDD in his paddock. Photo by Paula Chmura.

As much of Ireland moved forward into the $$$ marketplace, there has been a dramatic decline in the RID. The numbers of RID horses in the world today are as few as 2000 breeding stock. The chance of losing this proud, long-lived, versatile equine would strip the market of a horse with a terrific mind, a sound body and the athletisicm, versatility, and heart of a champion.

“These horses can be ridden by professional and amateur alike,” says Jutta Heinsohn. “I am a Bereiter, FN, classically trained in Germany and riding Dressage. I chose the RID as my personal horse and have not regretted a day.” Will Simpson has described KEC Double Diamond as having, “one of the best minds I have come across.”

Oisin is flexible, powerful, and fleet of foot regardless of his bulk. He is incredibly adjustable and light of the leg. Naturally uphill, he is built to perform, and his progeny are performing well too.

Gymnastics for Dressage

Diane Grant jumping Oisin - June 2001.

Diane Grant jumping Oisin – June 2001.

Oisin (Ush-een), aka K.E.C. Double Diamond, has been home for six weeks and is settling in well. His disposition is second to none. Although a young breeding stallion, he has learned early to respect people and is naturally gentle. In Ireland it was not an uncommon occurrence for him to be ridden out on the trails by youngsters between the ages of 12 and 16. Even though he has been breeding since his arrival, his disposition has not suffered. As he proceeds through his reeducation process – jumping to dressage, he is encouraged to keep his jumping skills honed and will compete as a jumper in his own right. “The dressage work will only improve his jumping”, said owner/trainer Jutta Heinsohn.

Oisin is ridden over fences for the first time since being in America by amateur rider, Diane Grant-Schott of Calabasas, California.

“This stallion is unbelievable,” said Grant. “I have bred for athleticism all my life and you can frequently sacrifice disposition for talent… Not so here,” Grant continued. “Oisin has all the attributes of a champion; conformation, athleticism, talent, and brains. I hadn’t ridden him before today, and yet I got such a fantastic feel — he is so under himself and light in front — I look forward to every opportunity I can get to work with him.”

International Grand Prix Rider, Edward Doyle, who rode Oisin through his Stallion Approval remembers him well.

“Ahh yes, the big chestnut stallion. Nice horse, that. Very good form…clean and careful jumper; very altheltic… He’ll go a long way!”

Clipped for Inspection.

Clipped for Inspection.

Edward holds that while most Irish Draughts are better known for passing their great traits on to outcross offspring, a few have the potential to be great competitors themselves and that K.E.C. Double Diamond (Oisin) has that potential.