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K.E.C. Double Diamond (Oisin)‘s progeny, while individuals who grow to every size and shape depending on their lineage, do seem to share some similar traits:

  • Exhibit curiosity
  • Love, love, love, their humans
  • Enjoy attention
  • Manage well socially in a herd
  • Brave and scopey jumpers
  • Strong and sound constitutions
  • Confident once introduced to something new
  • Incredible canter
  • Ground covering walk
  • Develop a beautiful topline under work
  • Imbue character
  • Sweet natured (for the most part)
  • Easy to start under saddle
  • Excellent rideability
  • Good suspension
  • Powerful hind end with ‘push’

Each progeny (as we are able to locate, relocate, and document them) have their own page under this section.  Take a look at individuals and check back to see updates on Oisin’s children from time to time.