Farraway Stud

Irish Draught Stallion Farraway Quicksilver
Farraway Quicksilver Irish Draught Stallion
Farraway Quicksilver


Farraway Stud stands three purebred Irish Draught Stallions and is home to a number of purebred Irish Draught mares. We breed primarily Irish Draught horses intended for general riding and sport. We also breed some Irish Sport Horses.


It is our mission to promote the Irish Draught breed, focusing on the purebred Irish Draught as this is a rare breed, yet has all the athletic ability and versatility to make it the ideal breed for most riders.

Bell Tower Banrion’s Hero, Irish Draught Stallion


Farraway Stud stands two inspected and approved as Class One purebred Irish Draught Stallions

Bell Tower Banrion’s Hero
Farraway Quicksilver